VEMG has developed and executed hundreds of experiential programs for an array of clients in America’s leading industries. Serving brands in media, food & beverage, and consumer goods, VEMG has created brand relationships on behalf of our clients. Such brand relationships result in trial and conversion success and increased brand exposure which, in turn, lead to increased client revenue.


Quite simply we focus on enabling our clients to extend their brand and increase their revenue. No matter what industry your company competes within, VEMG is capable of creating an impactful, budget-conscious and results-oriented campaign such as those highlighted below:


S.E.T. Network


Special Event Travel Network approached VEMG to help gain awareness for their company and increase their potential client database. The acquisition and retention of new and current customers was top priority of the program.  Also, SET Network wanted to get the word out about their upcoming trips and company benefits, including discounted hotel stays for EMF 2020.  The campaign engaged consumers, resulting in an onsite activation.


  • VEMG Street Team members were onsite to engage target customers, distribute promotional items, and activate call in opt in on the spot.

  • Promotional Video was displayed on our LED/LCD Mobile Backpack Billboard and was partnered with our 7ft tall LED Mobile Backpack Billboard which was paraded throughout the busy streets of New Orleans captivating over 50,000 Essence Music Festival on-goers and attendees.

  • VEMG oversaw the development, conceptualization, and data collection of the program.

  • Consumers were encouraged to call into a provided number, listen to a 30 second promo message, and display a text alert code to receive a EMF themed t-shirt.  The activation allowed the customer to learn about the SET Network brand and enabled the client to collect valuable customer data.



  • New and existing customers left the brand experience with a unique and memorable association with SET Network

  • The success of the initial program lead to future opportunities

  • User data was collected from 300+ participants

  • Distributed over 10k promotional fans & booklets

  • Distributed over 400 give-a-way t-shirts in exchange for call in opt in contact