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VEMG has developed and executed hundreds of experiential programs for an array of clients in America’s leading industries. Serving brands in media, food & beverage, and consumer goods, VEMG has created brand relationships on behalf of our clients. Such brand relationships result in trial and conversion success and increased brand exposure which, in turn, lead to increased client revenue.


Quite simply we focus on enabling our clients to extend their brand and increase their revenue. No matter what industry your company competes within, VEMG is capable of creating an impactful, budget-conscious and results-oriented campaign such as those highlighted below:



  • Face-to-Face Engagement with target audience

  • Energetic staff can hand out info and direct people to a location

  • Backlit for undercover or night use

  • Can go to high foot traffic areas, like transport hubs

  • Work well in pairs or a group of four

  • Work well solo or in a combo campaign for maximum impact                                                             "Scrolling LED Billboards have a strong and immediate impact."


What do you actually get?

With our campaigns, here's what you get:

  • Short turn-around times

  • Campaign Feedback Report

  • Graphic Design if you need it

  • Energetic and trained staff

  • Experience and Consistency

  • Campaigns that are Targeted


Not sure where to start?

  • Get in touch... We'll ask you a heap of questions so we can provide you with customized and targeted campaign options.

Scrolling LED Backpack Billboards

Want to target high traffic areas and hubs where other sort of media might not be available? Scrolling LED Billboards have a strong and immediate impact and avoid conventional methods of getting your message out there.

Face-to-Face Contact

Our energetic and enthusiastic promo staff engage directly with your target audience. They can speak with people, hand out information and direct people to a location. We use stringent employment and training methods to ensure a high quality of promo staff and in some cases can provide bilingual teams.


These billboards are backlit and the front and rear panels illuminate. Perfect for undercover campaigns, gloomy days and exceptional at night.

Off the Beaten Track

Scrolling LED Billboards can target areas where static advertising can be lost, like shopping strips, transport hubs and areas with high foot traffic.

How are they used?

These work well in groups of two or four at a time and can be great for large city-based campaigns, event targeted runs or for targeting suburban shopping strips and transport hubs. They are great for store openings, sales, launches or just to make your message more visible.

Scrolling LED Billboards are effective on their own or in a multi-factor campaign for maximum impact.

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