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LCD Mobile

Backpack Billboards


LCD Backpack Billboards

Imagine taking TV down to a localised, targeted area. Now imagine, that the TV could reach out and communicate with the people watching. There you have it – Video Billboards.

Video & Sound

This multifaceted form of outdoor media opens doors for diverse creativity. Footage, graphics, photos or changing images can be used with the option of sound.

Face to Face Contact

Our energetic and enthusiastic promo staff engage directly with your target audience. They can speak with people, hand out information and direct people to a location. We use stringent employment and training methods to ensure a high quality of promo staff and in some cases can provide bilingual teams.

Constant Movement

Not only are our Brand Ambassadors moving amongst people, the advertising content is moving, catching the eye.

How are they used?

These work well in multiples of two or more.

You can have a single message or complimenting messages on each board. They can target events, transport hubs, shopping strips and many areas with high foot traffic. Our Brand Ambassadors can hand out information, answer questions or direct people to a location.


Our design team can create video for you if needed.


  • Plays video and sound

  • Like TV that is targeted to a local area

  • Face-to-Face engagement with target audience

  • Energetic staff can hand out info and direct people to a location

  • Can go in high traffic areas, like transport hubs

  • Work well in groups

  • Moving media catches the eye

  • Our design team can create videos

                                                            "Moving media catches the eye."


What do you actually get?

With our campaigns, here's what you get:

  • Short turn-around times

  • Campaign Feedback Report

  • Graphic Design if you need it

  • Energetic and trained staff

  • Experience and Consistency

  • Campaigns that are Targeted


Not sure where to start?

  • Get in touch... We'll ask you a heap of questions so we can provide you with customized and targeted campaign options.

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